Nadia Dala

Nadia Dala spent her childhood in several boarding schools for children. Till the age of 18 she went to strict catholic girl schools. She then studied at the Catholic University of Leuven with a scholarship. After obtaining her Masters Degree she lived and worked for one year in Cairo (Egypt) and later travelled as a reporter to Arab, Islamic countries such as Egypt, Palestine/Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen etc. As a child she wanted to become an opera singer, ballerina or adventurer. At the age of fifteen her mother died, after a drunk truck driver hit her on her bike. Dala soon became independent. Nadia Dala now lives in the heart of Brussels. Her favourite authors are Amélie Nothomb, Hitomi Kanehara, Gabriël Garcia Marquez, Hafid Bouazza, Rimbaud, Khalil Gibran ea. Dala is born from a Flemish Belgian mother and a Moroccan father.